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I bought the new issue of Blender today so I'm feeling pretty confident that I have amazing music taste. I am awesome. But aside from what everyone already knows, Blender referred me back to the news that Keane is releasing a new album sometime soon. Not like I really care because my brother listens to Keane and I can't really listen to anything my brother does cause he also listens to Jason Mraz. On the other hand, there are two songs that I am liking/starting to grow on me (like a fungus). Here's the thing though, Keane is more of a band that you'd listen to when you want to either, a) cut yourself or b) sleep. I come to this conclusion because they're only played at the most depressing parts of The O.C. (totally emoz) and I usually sleep to "Walnut Tree". Look, in any event, you're going to like what I post because I have the best musical taste in the tri-state area.


[MP3] bad dream - keane [not working - i'll try uploading it again later]
[MP3] is it any wonder? - keane
from Keane's upcoming album Under The Iron Sea
[MP3] walnut tree - keane
from Keane's EP Somewhere Only We Know

By the way, I just thought I'd mention that Regina Spektor scares me. She's like all over this issue of Blender. Rawr.
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